Our Story

Prophet Steve Mbua, his wife and four children were breaking new grounds in Southern Africa when God told them to move to the United States. With a strong passion to see God’s people blessed, delivered and experience real supernatural results, they obeyed and moved to Texas with just one word from the Lord – Psalm 119:74.

Year Of Commencement

Christ Image International Church (CIIC) was registered and began operating in October of 2014 as an Apostolic and Prophetic ministry in Round Rock Texas.

Unbelievable Grace of Jesus at Work

Today, as a non-denominational Congregation of Christ-centered believers, each week we come together to magnify God and celebrate the Unbelievable Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ through the manifestation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. CIIC (Arena of Power and Miracles) is a church for everyone looking for results in their Christian walk.

A Home For All

Through the ministry of teaching, prophecy and deliverance, the Power of God is present to free all who have been kept in captivity through curses. CIIC is more than a church, it is a lively charismatic, non-denominational family, where everyone is welcome. At CIIC (Arena of Power & miracles) we believe the proof of your faith is your results. As you make plans to visit us, it is our earnest prayer that your life will be transformed!