Events Department

Responsible for Events planning, venue preparation Including Decoration getting everything set up for every major Event

Outreach Department

Responsible for Personal Evangelism, Outreach events to the Community, Conferences, publicity of the ministry events and church programs, Phone calls and weekly follow ups through the visitor’s card. (We are about Sales and Numbers) Matthew 28:18-20.

Media Department

Responsible for advertising the Ministry Events, Our Message, Miracles and Testimonies through all Social Media and Television (Media Marketing) Broadcasting on Facebook Live.

Missions Department

Responsible for general coordination. Handling Prophet’s preaching engagements, planting new churches and relating with our sister churches in Africa and abroad. Write Letters and correspond on behalf of the Prophet and CIIC. Recruit more Volunteers in this department.

Protocol Department

Responsible for receiving the Prophet and Prophetess upon arrival, escorting them out to the car, helping them with their bags and Bibles, and ensuring their overall security at all times. Must always be on ground, hours before to ensure maximum Order, Safety and Security. (Dress code – Formal)

Finance Department

Responsible for all Church Finances – Counting, Professional Record keeping of all income and expenditure, including Church App, Banking and making all purchases and supplies as needed.

Prayer Ministry

Responsible for leading prayers and intercession that creates a Holy Spirit-filled atmosphere for every service. Scheduling all intercessory prayers, Prayer calls, recruiting and training more intercessors in the ministry.


Praise and Worship

Responsible for Spirit-filled Praise and Worship that
creates the right atmosphere for the Spirit to move. Recruiting and training
more Praise and Worship team members in the ministry.